Summer School–Week Seven

Alright, we are down to the wire. I’ve finally been pulling off A’s all week. That’s my norm. I’ll need to find a way this year to work around my PTSD because I’m taking MicroBiology next summer and that’s even harder.

Having tests all week meant that I pretty much did nothing but study. Fortunately the heat is abating slightly so we can sleep at night. It’s still hot during the day, though. Several of my plants have burnt leaves from the heat of the sun. :/ The good news is that my fave plant, which I thought was lost to the heat, has been sprouting some new leaves. 🙂 And my tomatoes, all of which had flowers that died during the big heatwave, are again flowering. I think the only plant that made it through the weeks entirely unscathed is the acacia, but it’s from Australia so it was probably wondering what all the fuss was about.


Anyway, back to school. I found a great video series on YouTube where a professor lectures on our entire book…and he actually explains things and works problems out not just makes you guess. It’s pretty much saved our lives in class. And just in time for finals. 🙂

Well, that’s pretty much my life right now. Just school. And plants. My kids will reappear in the next weeks. We’ve done nothing interesting and photos of them just playing video games and watching TV is not really thrilling. 🙂

Various scenes from the week:

We spilled water in lab.

Then made a puppy-bug from water and ethanol.

Molecular orbitals, or MOs. In case it ever comes up for you in a trivia game.

This is a more serious lab than it looks.

Bohemian Rhapsody, November 2nd. Be there. God, I hope I don’t have any tests that week.

Things are starting to look alive. Just in time for the next bad heat wave. :/

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