The biggest problem for me with the idea of the miraculous is that it is the lazy and miserly person’s excuse for not helping other people. It really is that simple. When we tell a person that we are praying for him/her/they in the midst of a trial, we have just told them that we are not willing to do anything at all to help with it. Yet, the church claims we have done the most important thing of all.

Once I realized the lie of religion it became clear to me that this is the reason we live in a world where the majority of us claim to follow a religious leader (Jesus) who says to care for the poor, etc, but hardly anyone actually helps the poor, etc. Instead, we pray for them. It’s really disgusting when you sit down and actually think it through.

There is a joke among Atheists that religious folks, since they believe in the power of prayer to their deity, should stop participating in any form of modern medical intervention. The religionist will argue that their god works through these modern medical interventions to create miracles.

I. Can’t. Even.


There is nothing anywhere close to a miracle occurring in medical interventions. I’d love to say that if a person understood the science behind medicine they’d realize that. But there are too many religious doctors to make that claim.

I’ve listened to too many doctors say that they did all they could now it was in god’s hands. The actual translation of this statement is that there is nothing further they can do given our current knowledge of medicine. In ten years there might be a discovery that lets the doctor go a bit further, at which point the religionist doctor will say the same thing.

The more I study history, the more disgusted I become with religion. Even if we remove Christ’s admonition to his followers to stop hand washing (Luke 11:28-41), religion has done nothing for most of human history but prevent advancement in helping alleviate suffering. Even today, religionists often argue against preventative care, most notably in opposing vaccinations. Many will go so far as to ignore doctor’s advice in place of prayer or whatever advice their religious leader gives them.

Of course, medical suffering isn’t the only suffering in the world. In the same passage where Christ tells his followers that they don’t need to wash their hands, he tells them if they take care of the poor, their bodies will be clean both inside and out.

Pause and think. This is a supposed god who created and knows everything, yet he doesn’t know about germs and microbes.

And, of course, it is obvious that his followers, even though most of them now wash their hands, do nothing for the poor. Most of his followers in the United States support a party that gives to the rich and tells the poor to, basically, drop dead. They believe people are poor because they are lazy (bull, I’ve worked with really poor people, they work their asses off…rich people on the other hand…). They then tell them that if they would trust god they wouldn’t be poor so it’s still their fault they are poor.

In short, most Christians kind of have a f-you attitude toward their own religious leader. That guy whom they claim came to die for them so they could have eternal life. That guy who told them that rich people probably aren’t going to heaven. Yeah, that guy.

Now that, quite honestly, is the most hilarious thing in the world.


Yep, according to religionists, they will pray for the poor and the sick, and that is the best they can do. “Fuck you, Jesus.”

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