School at Nearly Fifty

This is pretty much my life right now.

Maybe being a college sophomore at 49 is one of the reasons 50 has become a significant number. While more older people are going back to school it is still rather rare.

I often consider that I really should have been doing this exactly 30 years ago. But I couldn’t. There were too many cards stacked against me, as there are with many people who are raised in poverty.

There is a whole book I could write on the subject, suffice to say that real knowledge was not seen as important, and definitely not for a woman.

There are two problems with knowledge: 1. You will lose your faith in that invisible man-made creation in the sky. 2. You will not be as easy to control.

Interestingly, I chucked both those before I started college. 🙂

Knowledge truly is power. I’ve learned more about life in one year of college than in 45 years in the Church.

My kids know better. Going back to school has been an example to them. When I talk to my kids about their future it never includes quotes like “when you get married” or “when you have kids,” it is “when you’re finished with college.”

The path through college is unclear to me. I had no example growing up of this sort of life. I hope, though, that my recent experiences will be helpful to my kids and they will have better than me both in money and wisdom.

“Regret is unprofessional,” said my favorite film character. I try not to anymore. There is nothing I can do about the past. But my future, and my children’s future, has already been made better by my decision get my degree.

It’s not normal for someone my age, but I’ve never been one for normal.

2 thoughts on “School at Nearly Fifty

  1. tayryn says:

    I can’t say I have any real desire to go back to school – though I am always up for learning something new! So, once again, I have to tell you, I am, honestly, in awe of you for doing so, and for setting such a wonderful example for your kids.

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