Self-Care Saturday

Yeah, I’m not sure if this will actually be a weekly thing but the letters worked and the cadence worked, so…:)

Self-care can be a tough thing. Especially for single moms. Especially for single moms with five kids. Especially for single moms with five kids, two of whom have autism. Especially for single moms…

I’m sure you get the gist now.

Self-care was always a non-essential to me. I was abused by my parents, then my ex, so self-care didn’t even get to take a backseat to trying to figure out how to make them happy so they’d stop abusing me. (Seriously, you would not believe the number of people who told me that if I was just better at–insert whatever—the abuse would end.)

At some point after I left, I finally started with my fingernails. I know that sounds weird, or maybe infinitesimally small in terms of what you think of as self-care, but that’s just my point. If you are a person who feels they must put themselves dead last (usually this is a result of religious dogma and/or abuse) then pick something small. Do that small thing every day. But don’t beat yourself up if you forget one time. Just pick it up again.

My self-care doesn’t look like a lot of people’s self-care. For example, I think most women would probably, if they were as busy as me, take the time to get their hair cut if it was as annoying as mine is right now. However, I have a Chem exam next week and very little time this weekend as a result, therefore, my hair will have to bug me…because I need to clean my car.

See, if I got my haircut this weekend, but I didn’t clean my car, I would be miserable. So, the car is the priority.

I wouldn’t have known any of this if I hadn’t already started with the self-care a couple of years ago. Instead I’d have ignored both the car and the hair and been miserable AND annoyed all week. 😀

Take time for what’s important to you. A happy mom is a mom who doesn’t scream at her kids…as much.

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