Taste: A Little Review

Stop the presses. Well, I’m not sure if anyone is working the presses. Has Trump finally finished his press conference?

In all seriousness, I am about to review an app. Yes, it’s true. I might now be able to be viewed as a member of the 21st century.

The app is called “Taste” and I downloaded it because it promises to give movie recommendations based on what you like. I don’t see a whole lot of movies, but enough to find the idea worthwhile.

First, I learned that not only haven’t I seen a lot of movies, there are movies I’ve never even heard of. Like bazillions.

The app starts you off by showing you a list of films, you pick which ones you’ve seen, then you rate them to get a better selection. This was the part where I learned I overestimate how many movies I’ve seen. This is also the part where I started to wonder if there isn’t a glitch in the app. (And not because they gave me “Wreck It Ralph” to rate, because they didn’t, damn them.) I rated a few films and all of a sudden, I was seeing the same films for rating.

Finally, I got to the end of the opening process and moved onto level one. Yes, there are apparently levels, just like any other video game that only asks you about movies you haven’t seen.

In level one, I again was given a ton of movies I haven’t seen (that’s fine, btw) and I began to rate the ones I have seen. Now, I’m guessing their initial aggregate is based on my gender identity and my chosen screen name, “mom.” Because I was expecting something, well, closer to what I watch. But, to be fair, the initial “interview” had very few movies I could choose from.

It did get one thing right:

100% would be more accurate. 😍

It also has a few Marvel movies, all of which I rated top (except IM2, barf, Ironman sucks. Go Team Cap.) But I digress…

So this is where I guessed the aggregate might not be based at that point on what I’m telling it I like, because this came up:

72%?!🙃 After I rated all of them…except that one…highest? I guess they were shocked a woman my age would say “Ironman sucks.” But, screw age. Cap had always been better and, seriously, the choice between Chris Evans and Robert Downey, Jr, is such a no brainer.

I wonder how Chris feels about age gaps and long-distance relationships? 🤔 I’m totally available, Chris. In case you read this. 🤣

Anyway, no biggie, right?

Right! Because I just leveled up!!

Yeah, finally, I’m at level two. Now it’s gonna get real. There’s going to be something new.

Um, I have no idea what this film is but they did already ask me about it in level one.

Ok, it’s just a little glitch, no biggie.

Um, I did actually already see and rate this one. This happened several more times so I exited and looked around a bit before trying again.

This time, I didn’t get the same movies, and there were actually a lot movies I’d heard of. I don’t dis them for the lack, however, because I apparently haven’t seen as many movies as I thought I had.

So now, I have reached level six, but they are still working on recs. 😶

If you’re a bigger movie watcher than me, let me know if you try it and it works better for you.

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