Weekly Review

Well, I’ve been 49 for a week now. So far it’s pretty much the same. But that’s not really as boring as it sounds. I really do enjoy my life, despite the stresses of school and single-parenting and everything else I’m expected to do. (I was asked the other day what I was making my kids for dinner. Digiorno.)

I did have a bit of a wake up call today. I’ve been a little too relaxed about how much longer school will take me. I have three years left at Community College. That seems a long time, until you factor in a dual major of subjects at the opposite ends of the spectrum. I started doing the math and realized that I’d better stay on top of things if I want to graduate with Spock.

In that vein, I finally decided to give Notion a try. This is an app that Thomas Frank from College Info Geek recommended. It should be known that I will pretty much try anything Thomas Frank recommends. I am a devoted follower. 🙂

I’m also going to try to reboot my GTD stuff. I never quite got that going this summer like I planned so I’ll be re-reading the book and listening to the podcasts.

Both CIG and GTD are linked to in the side bar. They are core to a lot of the things I do to accomplish what I need to. I like both because they aren’t like most productivity gurus that have 12-million things for you to buy or their systems won’t work. Their stuff works with whatever you use.

As for Notion, so far, so good. I’d like to try it with a group project, but most people at school still use only Drive so maybe I’ll force my kids to use it to let me know when they’ve finished their homework. I can put their chores on it. Basically, I can put everything on it. I’ll write a review up next month after I’ve used it for several weeks.

There were a million other things this week, but there always are. 🙂

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