Being 30 years behind is overwhelming. This week more than most. I spent 3 days in bed, except when I was taking my kids everywhere they needed to be, and I went to work. Now I have a Calc exam on Tuesday and, well, a lot. So I need a reminder of why I do … Continue reading Reminders


Single Parenting While Sick I cannot recall the last time I was so sick for so long. Tonight is my second night of Tylenol cold medicine. In the meantime, my kids still need to go to school and get picked and then go back and then there's tutoring and then there are my other "kids," … Continue reading SPWS

Chose Your Major

Tonight I discovered why people choose a major in Communications. Yes, we took an entire two weeks, with one week off class, to create homemade games. This is our group's game. It is the lamest because we have two STEM majors and two nursing majors. I hate to stereotype, but we're not super artistic. The … Continue reading Chose Your Major

School Daze

Me at 6:30am. Me at 9:00 pm. Some grocery shopping in between. I had planned to write more, but I need to be up at 4am to start it all over again.


...will continue tomorrow. Not so much the last few days. Too much homework right now. I thought I was catching up today, then I got stuck in Calculus. Some days some dark part of me whispers, "English is such an easy major. You'd barely have to break a sweat."

Tribal Culture

On September 11, 2001, I called my paternal grandmother after my son left for school to discuss the terrible events. Her response (I was the first to tell her) was disturbing. "Why couldn't they have flown those planes into the UN buildings and killed all those people?" I was stunned, but not surprised. My grandmother … Continue reading Tribal Culture