Weekly Review

Well, I lived through the second week of my 49th year. It was certainly an eventful week.  But I do not want to think about politics right now. 😦

So, the thing I hope my friends understand (and most of them do) is that when your going to school, but you are also a mom, that pretty much means plans mean almost nothing. I had to cancel several things this week for mom duties, including classes. I know that most people would say that’s a bad idea, but I think the people who made up that rule didn’t attend college while they had five kids to take care of.

I did finally make it to Karaoke night at That 80’s Bar. It was fantastic. I already blogged about it. But here is, again, evidence that, even without alcohol, I do weird things.


Yep, that’s my name at the top of the list.

But, mostly, it’s all been kids and school, and the kids’ schools.

I’ve been doing pretty good despite how triggering this last week should have been. Not because of Dr. Ford’s testimony, however, (I’ve done an amazing job of avoiding it) but because of the reaction of conservatives. The laughter and the mockery, that’s the shit I grew up with. Oh, poor white men, life is so hard for them. If only we still had slavery and women still knew their place.


I credit my steady mind with allowing my only true news sources to be The Daily Show, Late Night with Seth Myers, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee…I think you get the idea.

I’m still working on perfecting my schedule. I definitely need to up the study hours. I’m pretty sure if I just stop sleeping I’ll be able to get in enough.


Well, I think that was enough for one night. Hopefully next week will be more interesting. Actually, scratch that. Boring is good. I mean reeeeeeeeal good. 🙂

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