Books and Things

I’m sick today. So sick I skipped Chem. I don’t think I’ve been sick enough to miss school since I started back. It’s pretty bad. I slept all morning so I could go to work this afternoon. Now I’m pretty dead.

Anyway, more important matters are…

My final book tally for my birthday (in September).

If I wasn’t so sick I’m drooling in my bed, I’d be, well, doing Calculus and wishing I was reading. 👩‍💻

I also added this oldie but goodie to my Audible yesterday:

I cannot express enough the peace of mind I draw from science reading. I never had that feeling when reading any religious text. I always felt I was having to force myself to suppress any questions I had. I hope I can write this well someday and help people understand science to the point where it also brings them peace.

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