National Coming Out Day 2018

It’s hard to believe that when the Supreme Court handed down the ruling for gay marriage I was one of those opposed. It seems a lifetime ago.

However, a year later an audio recording of James Dobson and Franklin Graham came across a feed and my mind began to change.

By that point I was already questioning the teachings of the church. I had seen first hand that they don’t really care about the poor or the fatherless and definitely not victims of abuse. Parishioners are swept aside if they don’t faithfully proclaim that Christ has helped them overcome every trial. And even when they do that, the church still won’t help them with their basic needs.

So when I heard Graham and Dobson telling their listeners to kick their LGBTQ+ kids out of their house and out of their lives, it forced me to realize just how debased Evangelicalism is. I thought of my own kids and knew there was no way I could do that, even if I still believed the Bible and all it’s very clear teachings against homosexuality.

It seemed to me that two men who regularly advised women to stay married to their abusive husbands were telling people to abuse their children. I suppose that’s when the truth began to sink in: Christianity really is nothing more than organized abuse. A year later I became an avowed Atheist.

It is always my hope with posts like these that people will read them and think beyond their usual response of “not my church” and “not all Christians.” It should be obvious after the last Presidential election, that response is no enough.

On this National Coming Out Day, those of us who have hidden behind “not my church” and “not me” need to become more vocal allies of the LGBTQ+ community. In our current political environment, the rights of many are at stake and we cannot just stand by and watch.

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