Being 30 years behind is overwhelming. This week more than most. I spent 3 days in bed, except when I was taking my kids everywhere they needed to be, and I went to work. Now I have a Calc exam on Tuesday and, well, a lot.

So I need a reminder of why I do what I do when from every angle it looks rather futile.

One thing I do when I get like this is I listen to or read logical arguments. As such, I’ve been listening to my face Chris Hitchens book, God is Not Great. And I’ve been perusing all my new Carl Sagan books. I was also reminded today as I was looking at something on Twitter than I should look up some Jacques Cousteau videos. They were my fave as a kid…I’ve loved the sea a long time.

Focus is important, or so all those motivational types say. I guess it’s true. Hopefully it helps.

Now if I could just stop transposing figures in my Calc homework, that’d be great.

(UCSB–that building in the front on the left of my ultimate goal)

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