PTSD and Spoons

I came across an explanation of the energy it takes for a person with a chronic condition to do anything. It’s called ”spoon theory.”

I used one spoon for waking up. Three for social interaction (online, email, etc). Two to surf the internet. (My version consists of reading the LA Times and other news sites.)

It’s is 6:09 am. I have used up half my spoons for today.

I still need to shower (I skipped yesterday.). I need to go to school. I have a meeting at one of the campuses today with my advisor for scheduling next term. But this term is abysmal and I don’t want to think about it right now.

I just realized I forgot I have to eat. I do that.

Now I have to get the kids out of bed. They don’t have a spoon count for parenting alone. No surprise since most people still believe that this act is done in pairs. It’s not, even if a person is married. The other assumption is that single parents have help. Nope. The majority of us have no help whatsoever.

I’ll say that on a day like today, getting the kids up and to school will take at least five spoons.

I have one left to carry me from 7am through the rest of the day.

That’s what living with PTSD is like.

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