Sunday Speculations: Saviors

This past week I’ve observed, with increasing concern, the moderate dems working the people into a frenzy over voting. Now, prior to this week, I was all about voting and #bluewave and getting rid of a lot of the Republicans, and I still am. My concern is that this has taken on a “we need a savior” mentality.

Our current situation should be enough to explain why this is a bad idea.

Of course, if you talk with dems, they don’t see it. “No, no, we’re just trying to encourage people to vote.”

However, many people have taken to overt shaming of those of us on the far left who might not be as on-board with the hype as our more moderate counterparts are. Once the shaming starts, it’s a wake up call to me that a good idea is quickly turning into zealotry.

I’ll be honest, after looking at the cold, hard facts, the only reason I’m still voting is because my kids would be disappointed in me, and I can’t miss a chance to vote against Feinstein but for another dem.

It’s really the knowledge of Feinstein, which reminds me of Schumer, which reminds me of all the other right-wing dems who now only look left-leaning because the right has gone over the edge, that informs me that we are on a dead-end road.

Oh, to be sure, we’ll get a couple dems elected, but the reason the party has been failing still has not been addressed. And popular moderate dems still don’t see there is a problem. It’s really just ordinary voters, the actual left-leaning dems who have stopped voting, who see how bad the party was before. It’s as if all those who were bemoaning how Schumer and others were closer to gops than dems, have somehow acquired amnesia.

It’s more than the fact that we are electing dems who, until recently, looked more like conservatives; if we are honest, it may already be too late.

Let me just rip the bandaid right off, it’s supposed to be less painful that way.

They have the Court.

Dems don’t understand the conservatives who are in power right now because they didn’t grow up in that. The Court has been their goal, probably since Roe V Wade. And now they have it. And you can vote in every election from here to eternity and this Court won’t give a damn. They are going to side with voter oppression, with public money spent on religious displays, against birthright citizenship, against asylum seekers, and on and on.

The second issue is just as terrifying.

Look at most of the current election races. They are close. Even with all the garbage and vitriol and racism and stupidity Trump spews every time he opens his disgusting mouth, gops are still going to vote for them. The Pandora’s box of racism and nationalism has been opened and these people will not put it back. They have been silent too long, held their tongues too long. They have suffered so many years having to be careful to whom they made their racist remarks. They won’t put up with it ever again.

This article was spread across Twitter with shaming comments attached. I read it and was disappointed to find that people I’d previously considered fairly reasonable were certainly not, at least not when it comes to reasons for not voting. I encourage you to actually read it. These young people have excellent points.

I like Thomas’ comment best:

New York especially has a pretty vibrant tenant-organizing scene. You see organizing around community gardens, around people protesting new development going in, people working against rezoning. Regardless of the outcome of those things, I think people leave with a sense of empowerment. You might have failed this fight, but now you know your neighbor. Now you have a whole network you can call up the next time this happens. But if you lose an election, or the candidate you’re pushing loses, then what do you have after that? You have this kind of despair for the next two or four or whatever years.

He’s sure as hell not wrong.

And with our current situation, community action is probably what you should be involved in.

If you’re looking for a project, might I suggest forming an Underground Railroad to Canada for all the people the conservatives want to wipe from existence, starting with trans folk. Immigrants next, and Jews along with them, then gays (you anti-trans LGB people are fools if you think siding with Trump against trans folk will protect you), then people of color, maybe even white women who refuse to conform to the party’s view of domestication.

They have a plan people, and at this point, voting will be as effective against it as prayer, and for the same reason…there’s nobody listening.

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