Election Day 2018

I’m not a pessimist by nature. If I was, I would have ended my life before I was ten.

Yes, it really did suck that much.

Today, though, is a day that I hold out little hope for. So much hype about voting, yet I know that those same people who are shaming non-voters have done little to nothing to prevent this situation we are currently in.

Democrats are claiming we need to #votebluetosaveamerica . Yet, for decades they have done nothing to help the people. They have spent all their time cozying up to the Right, thinking it will win them more votes. Now, the only reason we can tell the difference between the elected Dems and the GOP, is that the GOP has gone off the deep right end.

For years, the true left has been calling for change. For years they complained because the party kept putting for people like Bill Clinton to run for Senate and President (no, the actual left really didn’t like the Clinton’s, those are the moderates who are more like GOPs than GOPs like to admit).

The first time I think I really saw people on the true left excited about an election was when Bernie Sanders was making his run against Hilary Clinton. But then the DNC tossed the will of the people into the can…as usual…and put up Hilary to run. This completely shut down a huge amount of young people on the true left. Some were so disgusted they ended up voting for Trump.

Look, I’ll vote Dem, when I can stand the candidates enough, but to claim that this party is going to somehow save us when they have done absolutely nothing for decades, is to put your faith in a non-existent savior.

But, I suppose that’s what Americans are best at.

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