PTSD and the Numbers

There are 2.2 million people with PTSD living in the US. Of those 2.2 million people, exactly one committed an atrocity days ago in a bar in Thousand Oaks. Now, of course, everyone with PTSD is a ticking time-bomb.

People with PTSD do not kill other people. We have occasionally have angry outbursts, most of us try our best to contain them, but we do not kill people because of them. Generally, the few people with PTSD who do commit murder, had shit going on long before the PTSD was a thing. And so it is with this psychopath.

The more news that comes out about this individual, the more proof we have that the PTSD had very little to do with whatever reason he decided to kill anyone. This anger has been an issue for a long time with him.

I don’t pretend to know what caused it. I do know, though, that demonizing mental health issues is not something that will help at all.

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