Fearing Minorities


What is with people and minorities? What is that they fear? Whether it’s a skin color, a health condition, or sexual preference, people live in such fear of such small groups of people around them that it seems like there should be a name for the condition and a great deal of medical studies to find out how we can cure it.

I thought of this as I compared the number of people known for sure to have PTSD, 2.2 million, with the people who are known to identify as transgender, around 1 million. Such small numbers of people in our country, yet to hear the media and the common man, these sorts of people are the greatest threat to everything we know.

Why? Why is it that treating these people like human beings somehow threatens someone else’s way of life? And, more importantly, why do we allow this sort of talk in the first place? Why is it OK to mock and ridicule minorities?

Look, I know the evolutionists, of which I am one, are going to claim “evolution,” but we keep ignoring that we have had a cognitive evolution, not just a physical one. We know enough now to see that these minorities should simply be left alone to live their lives and they will not harm us. We can see from history that it’s not usually a small minority of people who create the problems, it’s usually those already in power.

But we keep claiming, based on the dominant, white, cis gender, straight, male evolutionary ideas, that we can’t help ourselves, that this is simply how human beings are because they have evolved. This idea ignores the reality that with education we can change the way we view others.

Emerson wrote, “What we fear of doing most is usually what we most need to do.”

We fear standing up and educating people, and we fear sitting down and being educated. We fear giving up our hatreds and our pettiness. We fear a loss of the status quo. It is easier to mock and deride and ridicule. It is easier to blame others than to change ourselves.

Change invokes fear. Therefore, it is what we most need to do.

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