Life Moves On

It does. There really is nothing to do but move along with it.

I had a conference for work this weekend. I signed up for it back when I felt better, invincible even. I nearly called off but didn’t want to use the PTSD as an excuse. So, off I went to Riverside City College.

I work for the Supplemental Instructional program at my school, it’s like a TA only I don’t grade papers. The conference is very much like an SI session, meaning it’s very interactive. Meaning it’s nothing I want to do at the moment.

But, I forced myself to act normal, because that’s what people with mental health issues do. 🙂

In the end, I’m so very glad I attended. It helped me get out of my head for two whole days and got me thinking about how to function through work, which is about all I have left right now.

One thing I’m particularly proud of is that I never berated myself mentally the whole weekend. There were several schools that represented the burn areas in Northern and Southern California who chose to come despite some having lost their homes. One of the main speakers is from a college that lost students to the shooting in Thousand Oaks.

Before, I would have chastised myself for not being as strong as those people. We are always told from childhood, “look at those people, if they can do it so can you.” I hate that line of thinking. (See my recent post Inspiration for my opinion about that.)

So, that’s improvement.

Step-by-step, that’s really all you can do. No one truly keeps up with life, even self-proclaimed “normals.” The Best you can do is just keep moving.

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