Out There

There is a reason depressed people never want to leave the house. Interacting with the real world is hard work. The little I’ve done today has left me drained.

It’s been a rough day. I was at about 50% when I got an email about my admissions issue and then I was pretty much at a negative something.

One thing that has made this bout with the PTSD, the absolute worst it’s ever been in my entire life, is knowing that most of my friends are supportive. No one’s said, “just look at the good.” And no one’s told me I need to trust some invisible friend.

Don’t get me wrong, things are absolute shot right now. I have no idea how I will make up for a lost year of school at my age. But I am stronger and more knowledgeable than in the past. Before this happened I had spent a lot of time educating myself. Most important of all, though, is having support, even if it’s no more than a “you have to do what’s best for you.” That is worlds better than I’ve had in the past.

Life will be, in general, no better any time soon, but at least the people around me are not making it more difficult.

Click for article on how to support people who have PTSD.

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