This blog started as an attempt to find that sweet spot that so many religious people have. Repeatedly I was told throughout my life that if I just gave more glory to god, that I would achieve it. It seemed nice. The people I thought had it seemed happy.

Then the proverbial shit hit the fan and I learned that those smiling faces hid as much misery as my own. There was no sweet spot. One can never be good enough for god to bless. It always requires more. It will always require more, because there is no god to dole out the blessings.

Now I am blogging my way through my 49th year, trying to figure out why I find the number 50 so significant, and trying to keep myself focused on my new life and the better future than the one I had in religion. I write about school and my kids and religion and books and movies and the beach. 🙂


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