Writing and PTSD

I've been trying to write, but nothing comes out. It's difficult to explain how my mind is working right now. It's rather nonsensical. I care, but I don't. How does one explain that? I do have a theory as to why, however. Why my brain cares, but then it immediately doesn't. It's directly related to … Continue reading Writing and PTSD

PTSD and School

I almost don't want to write this. I have been used to such success in school that admitting what is happening feels like it will just make things worse. I have a 3.8 GPS. I have always done well at school since I started back last fall. But PTSD is beginning to make maintaining my … Continue reading PTSD and School

PTSD and Sleep

I'm writing this at 3am. I've been up nearly two hours. That pretty much describes sleeping when you have PTSD. I used to think that a lot of my symptoms would improve if I could just get a full night's sleep. Well, I had a full night's sleep on Monday night. I slept from 7pm … Continue reading PTSD and Sleep

PTSD and Spoons

I came across an explanation of the energy it takes for a person with a chronic condition to do anything. It's called ”spoon theory.” I used one spoon for waking up. Three for social interaction (online, email, etc). Two to surf the internet. (My version consists of reading the LA Times and other news sites.) … Continue reading PTSD and Spoons

PTSD and Life 2

Today is a rough day. It's been a rough couple of weeks. I don't see it getting better anytime in the near future. I've been trying to figure out what is so much more difficult this term. I am at a point where it is difficult for me to retain information. This makes exams particularly … Continue reading PTSD and Life 2

PTSD and Life

It's been far more difficult to pull myself out of things this time. It sucks that if I had, say, rheumatoid arthritis, I could call out of everything and people would be "Oh, that's so bad. Hope you feel better." But with PTSD, you can't just email your professor and tell them that your PTSD … Continue reading PTSD and Life