Just got home from meeting with my Calc professor. I feel no better or worse now. I really do feel as numb as I ever have. If I can get admissions to sign off the papers tomorrow, well, I don’t want to talk about it. Everyone keeps saying that I need to do what’s best … Continue reading Self


Yet again, I read one of those pep talk memes that came across my Twitter feed that just made me even more depressed. It spoke of sharing your story so that you can serve as an inspiration. Yeah, uh, nope. Years ago, Michael Jordan drew the ire of pretty much everyone on the planet for … Continue reading Inspiration


Subtitled: Keep it to yourself. We have always lived in a culture that adores positivity. Despite what religious folk would like us to think, religion itself is built on this idea. "Don't worry so much about this life, think about the heaven that is to come." Religion 101. But positivity is bullshit. I say that, … Continue reading Positivity