Weekly Review

Well, I lived through the second week of my 49th year. It was certainly an eventful week.  But I do not want to think about politics right now. 😦 So, the thing I hope my friends understand (and most of them do) is that when your going to school, but you are also a mom, … Continue reading Weekly Review


Funny thing happened. Right after I joked about making #selfcaresaturday a trend. I happened upon this. So here are my pics for the first day: Yes, these were all taken at school, but it still counts. 😛 Join me tomorrow when I will attempt to convince you that pumpkin spice everything is healthy af.

Weekly Review

Well, I've been 49 for a week now. So far it's pretty much the same. But that's not really as boring as it sounds. I really do enjoy my life, despite the stresses of school and single-parenting and everything else I'm expected to do. (I was asked the other day what I was making my … Continue reading Weekly Review

Exam Days

Somewhere deep in my psyche lies a deep thought about comparing life with Chemistry exams. Right now it remains out of my mental reach due to exhaustion and sheer terror.